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The Cenacle Scriptural Rosary meditations trace the central mysteries of the Life, Passion and Death, and the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. We hope that these scripture passages, when read and meditated between each Hail Mary of the twenty decades of the Holy Rosary, will enrich your prayer life, as they have ours.

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Our Lord Jesus Christ               Blessed Mary, Ever Virgin

The Cenacle

". . . they went up into an upper room, where abode Peter and John, James and Andrew, Philip and Thomas, Bartholomew and Matthew, James of Alpheus, and Simon Zelotes, and Jude the brother of James. All these were persevering in prayer with the women, and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brethren." (Acts 1: 13-14)

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Adoration, Lenten, and Cenacle Scriptural Rosary Booklets

Instructions to create your own booklet:

  1. Download the PDF copy of your choice.
  2. Print "Left" side sheets. (Set Page Orientation="Portrait" on your printer.)
  3. Flip pages over so that the bottom right side faces to the back of your printer.
  4. Print "Right" side sheets.
  5. Print "Lcvr" back page.
  6. Flip sheet over so bottom right side faces to the back of your printer.
  7. Print "Rcvr" cover page.

The pages are pre-collated. Square the sheets by tapping, then use a good stapler with a capacity of at least 25 pages. Staple one and a half inches from the top and bottom edges in the middle of the booklet. Fold, then trim the edges.

Printable pdf versions:

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  1. Cenacle Scriptural Rosary - Classic Prayers (Douay Bible - 56 pages)
  2. Douay Bible - Modern Prayers (56 pages)
  3. New American Bible - Modern Prayers (56 pages)
  4. Revised Standard Version - Catholic Edition Bible (Modern prayers - 56 pages)
  5. Lenten Scriptural Rosary (Douay Classic only - 88 pages)
  6. Adoration Scriptural Rosary (Douay Classic only - 56 pages)
  7. Luminous Mysteries Insert (Douay Classic only - 20 pages)
  8. Cenaclo Bíblicas de Rosario (La Version de Reina Valera - 56 páginas) <<< Nuevo!
  9. Cenaclo Bíblicas de Rosario - Los Misterios Luminosos <<< Nuevo!
  10. Rosaire Biblique du Cénacle - La Version de Louis Second (56 pages)
  11. Rosaire Biblique du Cénacle - Les Myst&egarve;res Lumineux (La version de Louis Second - 20 pages)
  12. Rosaire Biblique du Cénacle - la bible de la liturgie de A.E.L.F. - complète - 70 pages) <<< Nouveau!
  13. Cenacle Scriptural Rosary - Classic Prayers (Douay Bible - 72 pages - Complete Edition: 4 Mysteries) <<< New!

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